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Indoor Digital Wall LED Clock

Ρολόι θερμόμετρο LED εσωτερικού χώρου

Indoor electronic digital LED clock - thermometer designet and manufactorer by our company. Practical, nice looking and reliable device. Specially designed 7-segment compact modules provide exceptional clarity and good visibility...

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General Sports LED Scoreboard

General LED Scoreboard

High quality scoreboard, displays match's time and score. With onboard horn for sound signal, appropriate for various types of stadiums and sports like football, basketball, volleyball, water polo and more. With...

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Special Offer: Big LED Clock Temperature + Stopwatch timer Sign

Time Temperature Chronometer Display

Great offer for just a few days: Clock - temperature and stopwatch timer LED signs!   Dimensions: 102 X 43 cm. 32 cm digit height. Outdoor use. Excellent quality made exclusively...

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Indoor LED Countdown Timer

Indoor LED Countdown Timer

A very practical indoor LED display with clock, count up, countdown timer and temperature view. The Electronic LED Clock Timer is suitable for gyms that have sport sessions like crossfit, tabata...

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LED Displays P10 Outdoor Monocolor

P10 LED Display Outdoor

  The P10 modular LED series is made of 32X16 cm (32X16cm) and 32X16 pixels / LEDs in a 10mm pitch. Given the way the special P10 modules are assembled, a LED...

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Time-Temperature LED Display & Lighting Sign

Time Temperature LED Sign Lighting

  High quality mixed electronic and bright signs designed by our company! They consist of two parts: a back-lighting part and an electronic part with a clock-temperature. In the bright part...

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Mixed LED gas prices with lighting print

LED Gas Prices Display

  Mixed electronic gas price LED Displays for gas stations. High brightness and automatic brightness of LEDs with built-in photo sensor. Very easy to operate with a wireless remote control or...

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Basketball Scoreboard

Basketball Scoreboard System

Full outdoor electronic scoreboard suitable for basketball and water polo. Available in three different sizes.   High quality LED Four-digit counter with Up Counter and Counter Down Available option to preset time. Available shot clocks...

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Basketball shot clock 24/14sec

Basketball shot clock 24/14 sec

Electronic digital LED shot clocks for basketball, water polo or other courts, in line with the new regulations for 24 - 14 and 30 - 20 seconds time keeping. The...

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LED Shoot Clocks according to the new Water Polo regulations

Polo shot clock 30/20 sec

Our company provides LED timers to indicate the time of attack on the Water Polo, which are fully compatible with the new regulations, with two reset in 30 and 20...

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