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Take advantage of Rousis Systems' offerings with LED signage or LED lighting products that are in stock at the company and are offered at much lower prices than normal!





Offer: LED Display of Clock + Temperature + Timer

LED Display of Clock + Temperature + Timer

Outdoor LED Digital Clock display - 15cm digit height, Outdoor LED Thermometer! Manufactured by our company with high quality materials that ensure accuracy and life time of more than 16 years...

03-03-2020 Hits:388 Special Offers

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Offer LED Electronic Sign with 3 Years Warranty!

Offer LED Electronic Sign with 3 Years Warranty

A special offer of high quality European manufactured LED Sign with very long life. Electronic Outdoor LED Display double sideModel: RSG15.64/16DTotal Dimensions:107.6 X 34.4 X 16 cm / area: 0.24 m²LED...

09-09-2019 Hits:487 Special Offers

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Special Offer: Big LED Clock Temperature + Stopwatch timer Sign

Time Temperature Chronometer Display

Great offer for just a few days: Clock - temperature and stopwatch timer LED signs!   Dimensions: 102 X 43 cm. 32 cm digit height. Outdoor use. Excellent quality made exclusively...

07-03-2019 Hits:12939 Special Offers

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