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Take advantage of Rousis Systems' offerings with LED signage or LED lighting products that are in stock at the company and are offered at much lower prices than normal!





Offer LED Electronic Sign with 3 Years Warranty!

Offer LED Electronic Sign with 3 Years Warranty

A special offer of high quality European manufactured LED Sign with very long life. Electronic Outdoor LED Display double sideModel: RSG15.64/16DTotal Dimensions:107.6 X 34.4 X 16 cm / area: 0.24 m²LED...

09-09-2019 Hits:1369 Special Offers

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Special Offer: Big LED Clock Temperature + Stopwatch timer Sign

Time Temperature Chronometer Display

Great offer for just a few days: Clock - temperature and stopwatch timer LED signs!   Dimensions: 102 X 43 cm. 32 cm digit height. Outdoor use. Excellent quality made exclusively...

07-03-2019 Hits:63023 Special Offers

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