Rousis Systems is a greek company specialized in the designing, developing and manufacturing of technologically advanced, electronic systems of optical communication. Our perennial experience in this field allow us to guaranty the quality and safety of our products. Our company is mainly based on the pillar of continuous improvement in the development and design of our products.

Rousis systems electronics

Our company focuses to the research and development, as we believe that success can be achieved only with high quality and appropriate after-sales service, due to the high market demands of our epoch. Over the past few years, hundreds of customers trusted us, a direct consequence of the reliability and functionality of our products.
Rousis Systems consists of a highly organized technical team and research department from experienced technicians in the field of electronic systems and optic-electronics.

Until today, thousands of electronic displays operate continuously, attributing profits to the customers who trusted Rousis Systems for the direct public advertising of their products or facilities. Our technical team and the network of collaborators all over Greece and abroad support the customers providing them after-sales services for the reliable operation of our products. Thanks to our constant software improvements, if one of our customers reports a dysfunctional system, our technical team will correspond not only to repair, but also to upgrade the system's operation. 

During production and specifically during assembling our products, we use only tested high quality materials from carefully selected providers. Our technical team is responsible and extremely careful with the final testing of every item before its delivery.

The quality of the components is monitored and constantly checked from our technical team in order to provide the irreproachable and continuous operation of our products.

Additionally, right packing of the products is necessary in order for the parcels to be delivered safe to the customer with the most safe, economical and efficient way.
Also, experienced technicians -who also are long standing cooperators- in the field of electronic displays, undertake the process of installing the system in the necessary environment (outdoor or indoor). Finally, our technicians train the final user in order for him to learn how to handle the sytsem. In cases of system malfunctions, our company's collaborators hasten to the customer to check the problem and repair it or in extreme cases the system is safely uninstalled in order to be checked thoroughly in our laboratory.