LED countdown timer 2 digits

Two-digit electronic timer series of excellent high accuracy produced in 7 different models with digits from 15 to 68 cm. They can cover any need of small or large space used as timers in official games or events.

Automatic LED brightness adjustment -depending on the external lighting conditions- thanks to a built-in photoelectric sensor. There is, however, the option of steady brightness level.

Available LED colors: red, green, yellow, blue or white.

       Main features:

  • High-precision timing for official events.
  • High brightness LEDs for easy viewing during daylight.
  • Automatic LED brightness adjustment (built-in photoelectric sensor)
  • Real time, date, and temperature display (when not in use as a timer).
  • Operational via RF or Infrared wireless remote control.
  • Operational via a wireless remote control or wired / wireless computer
  • Free software provided by Rousis Systems.
  • Up-Counter & Down-Counter timer mode with 2 preset times.
  • Built-in horn (starting, ending and stopping time).
  • Stop - start mode and optional external cable connection output.
  • Working hours time-trackers / timers
  • Built-in function of up to 5 alarms (when in use as a clock).
  • Optionally: clock synchronization to GPS.
  • Readable at long range distance.
  • Serial communication protocol: available for integration of LED timers into other systems or software.
  • Optionally built-in battery and a charger (autonomy of +8 hours)
  • Warranty: 2 years


Suitable for:

sports stadiums, sports fields, gymnasiums, speed races, racing, swimming pools, competitions, timing intervals, sports events, special events, gyms, fitness centers, health clubs, meeting rooms.