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time temperature led display

Special Offer only for February Time+Temperature+Timer Display big dimensions 102 X 43 cm, with 32 cm height digit for outdoor use, only 300€!!!


  Main features:

  • High-precision timing for official events.
  • High brightness LEDs for easy viewing during daylight.
  • Automatic LED brightness adjustment (built-in photoelectric sensor)
  • Real time, date, and temperature display (when not in use as a timer).
  • Operational via RF or Infrared wireless remote control.
  • Operational via a wireless remote control or wired / wireless computer
  • Free software provided by Rousis Systems.
  • Up-Counter & Down-Counter timer mode with 2 preset times.
  • Built-in horn (starting, ending and stopping time).
  • Stop - start mode and optional external cable connection output.
  • Working hours time-trackers / timers
  • Built-in function of up to 5 alarms (when in use as a clock).
  • Optionally: clock synchronization to GPS.
  • Readable at long range distance.
  • Serial communication protocol: available for integration of LED timers into other systems or software.
  • Optionally built-in battery and a charger (autonomy of +8 hours)
  • Warranty: 2 years


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