Instructions when connecting:

Connect the power supply of the device to the mains 220V 50Hz. It is also necessary to connect the earth connection for safety reasons. The power cable must be covered in a protective plastic tube or protected by other means when exposed outdoors, up to the connection booth.

This device is intended for outdoor use and is designed to operate in both very low and high temperatures, rain water and high humidity. Also The intensity of the brightness of the LEDs is such that the information is clearly visible in direct sunlight.

Also caution should be shown in case there is a sign with fluorescent or neon lamps very close to the installation point. The electronic display should be as electrically isolated as possible from the illuminated sign.

Its operation and selections can be made with the accompanying infrared remote control. The range of the infrared remote control is approximately 10 m in the direction of the receiver. Caution: When the display is in direct sunlight this range is reduced. The infrared receiver is located at the first digit on the left at the top. If the display is double-sided then it has an infrared receiver on both sides.

The brightness of the LEDs is varied in relation to external conditions by means of a photosensor located on the display. If the Display also has a light part then automatically, after the external light falls (at night), the light bulbs on the Display are switched on.


Remote control Days without accident

Clock synchronization: The internal clock of the device should be correctly set to the current exact time, so that the plate calculates the days counted and displays from the last accident. To start this process, press the [INFO] button on the remote control. Immediately the first digit from the left starts flashing. Enter hours, minutes, seconds and immediately press the [OK] key.

Set the date: In the same way as with the clock setting, set the current date with the [NET] key (Date/Month/Time) and finally press [OK] to save the setting

Setting the day counter: Press the [-/--] key (located on the right side of the controller) to set the date when the last accident occurred (Date/Month/Time) and finally press [OK] to save.

Reset Date Counter: To reset the days counter and count from today's day press first the [SHIFT] key and then the [SUBT] key.

Set Previous Record (if any): Press the [Set up] key and enter the previous days record number and immediately press [OK]. .