This clock can count up or down up to 99 minutes. Since it has 2 digits only, seconds are shown when the time is less than 1 minute and minutes are shown when over 1 minute.

Ultra-bright LED digits can be seen from 80 meters distance even under direct sunlight. Rain & dust will not affect the display. Clean the LED cover with a mild detergent and non-abrasive cloth.

Operation is done by an infrared telecontrol of 10 meters range, however this range maybe reduced when the display is under direct sunlight. The infrared receiver is on the top of the first digit (left).


Visual effects:

clip_image002.gifWhen not in operation, the display can show various effects. This can be done by pressing the Menu button. A blinking number will be shown. Press 1 for visual effects or any other number for showing 2 dashes (- -) only.

Setting time for Count Down:

Press the Set button. Up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds is the available range. Set the minutes first (2 digits) by pressing the relevant key when the digits are blinking, then set the seconds in a similar way. For example, to set 2 minutes and 15 seconds for the count down, press successively 0,2,1,5 and press the Set button again. To set 30 seconds only, press 0,0,3,0. Switching the display on-off will not affect the last setup. To change the desired time, press Set button and follow the above procedure again.


Two timing functions are available. Count Up – normal timing starting from 0 and initiated by pressing F1 and Count Down – reverse timing starting from the pre-set time set as above and initiated by pressing F2. The actual timing starts as soon as the Play button is pressed. Timing can be suspended/resumed by pressing the Play button also. Pressing F2 before the countdown reaches 00, resets the clock to set time and starts it without the need to press Play (instant restart). Horn sounds at the start and the end of the timing cycle.


Press the Reset button to cancel any action either during timing or during the setup procedure.