P10 LED Video wall

New! LED Video Wall at lower prices! Our colored electronic boards are made of high quality and brightness leds. We afford broad variety of indoor and outdoor Matrix electronic displays and full colored, multicolored and monochrome boards.

  • New models in board variety of Pixels density not only for small but also for big distance sighting
  • Reliable colors and perfect brightness even opposite to strong sun
  • Image transmission in real time from Player pc
  • 2 years guarantee and technical support for a lifetime
  • In nowadays LED displays are the only appropriate displays for outdoor usage and absolute definition towards the sunlight
  • High resistance displays manufactured appropriately for outdoor operation conditions
  • Very long life length (approximately 150.000 hours)
  • Very large surface displays (Video wall) even hundreds of square meters without gaps among the displays parts
  • High color efficiency, uniform image and geometry without curves thanks to extra fine LEDs
  • The capacity of density option allows us to cover large or medium distances of sighting


Now you can advertise images and videos from PC Windows in real time and in all lighting conditions – even in strong sun. You can transmit image at all familiar formats 4:3 or 16:9 and also video from various sources like DVD, camera, VHS, Windows Movie (.mpg, .mov, .avi etc), live TV, satellite TV, cable TV etc.

For additional info contact the specialized staff of ROUSIS SYSTEMS.


As you can see every pixel consists of one green, one blue and two red LEDs.
These days thanks to the new technology "virtual pixel" of ROUSIS SYSTEMS all LEDs maintain equal distances between them as you may see at the forms.
Thereby in addition to the appropriate processing of the signal ultimately by using more "virtual pixels" we manage to improve best the resolution and quality of the displays image. The image and videos are more lucid and the result amazing.

Diagram of the general system of video wall: