Digital Wall LED Clock

Indoor electronic digital LED clock - thermometer designed and manufactorer by our company. Practical, nice looking and reliable device. Specially designed 7-segment compact modules provide exceptional clarity and good visibility. The digital wall clock is manufactured with high quality materials that guarantee a lifetime of more than 10 years (if 24/7).


  • Dimensions: 43.2 X 17.2 cm.
  • Digit height: 10 cm, with solid light elements (7-segment).
  • Display of Time, temperature & date (alternate or constant)
  • Controlled by wireless infrared remote control.
  • Life time: more than 10 years
  • Optionally add GPS clock sync receiver.
  • 12V DC external power supply.
  • High efficiency with low power consumption.
  • Multi-panel networking with master clock (synchronized clocks, master - slaves)
  • Optional working time alarms and embedded buzzer


Digital Wall LED Clock indoor