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φωτεινή επιγραφή + ρολόι θερμόμετρο με LED


Durable and reliable mixed electronic signs of our own design - not imported! They consist of two parts: a bright part and an electronic part with a clock-thermometer or hygrometer. In the bright part you can chose to place a digital print: image, logo, etc. In the electronic part, the display shows time, date, ambient temperature and optionally humidity in %.

The sign has a light detection system to automatically adjust LEDs intensity and turn the light on or off at the bright part of the sign, which translates to low power consumption. The illumination at the back part of the printed surface is done with LEDs and not with fluorescent lamps.

The construction is entirely made by our company with selected materials of excellent quality that ensure lifetime of more than 16 years (if 24/7). The flawless function of these advertising signs - even in the toughest weather conditions - guarantees the successful promotion of your business 24 hours a day.

2-year warranty and unlimited technical support provided!


CODES AND SIZES: (The codes of mixed and simple time-temperature signs are the same)



  • High quality super bright LEDs, outstanding sharpness against sunlight.
  • Automatic brightness adjustment according to external conditions.
  • Wireless keyboard or PC operation.
  • Special free software for Windows.
  • Long readability distance.
  • Display options of time, date - temperature or humidity.
  • Automatic on & off of the bright part.
  • High specification durable & stylish construction.
  • High resistance in external conditions (overheating protection).
  • Life time for more than 16 years (if 24/7).
  • Large range of various LED digit sizes.
  • LED illumination behind the printed surface.
  • Very low power consumption.
  • External temperature sensor with cable for high precise temperature indication.
  • Good operation guarantee: 2 years.