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Basket scoreboard led

Full outdoor electronic scoreboard suitable for basketball and available in three different sizes.  

  • High quality LED
  • Four-digit counter with Up Counter and Counter Down and ability to preset time.
  • Available shot clocks with two digits (wired or wireless)
  • Ability to display time and temperature when not used as a timer
  • High precision clock and thermometer when the timer is off
  • Audio marking at the end of time and at each break - pause
  • Good intensity of brightness for excellent visibility even against strong sunlight
  • Auto brightness adjustment 
  • Special software program
  • Operation with a wireless IR remote control or fixed console and computer
  • Wireless connectivity to a PC or fixed console within 200 meters range
  • Available advertising space on the front of the display for sponsor/team logo
  • High-resolution digital print
  • Warranty: 2 years



LED Basketball shot clock


Basket shot clock LED display 24/14 sec 

The 2-digit shot clocks are part of the display but are also offered separately. You can place one or two shot clocks in any outdoor court, one clock in each basket. The basketball shot clocks have 24 and 14 seconds countdown as specified by regulations.