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New improved high fidelity score boards with electronic timer including score and set display. Sound signal for the start and end of the electronic timer. Appropriate for various types of fields and courts (football, volleyball, tennis, water polo and more) but also for speed races (motorcycle or car races). With high quality LEDs and automatic brightness control. Also, high accuracy display of time temperature. Easy handling with wireless keyboard or PC wireless connection. Capability of printing your logo or other sponsor at the front surface of the board with high fidelity digital printing! The board is also available with printed logo of the sponsor or the court/field/guild name. It can be placed in courts, mini football or regular fields.

Main features:

  • Four digits timer with up counter or adjustable preset time counter down.
  • Time and temperature display option when not used as timer.
  • Sound signal when time counting is completed and also when pausing
  • Satisfying brightness intensity for perfect visibility even in strong daylight
  • Handling with wireless remote infrared/rf control
  • Wireless pc connection up to 200 meters distance range.
  • Advertisement space option at the front side of the board.
  • Warranty: 2 years


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