LED Countdown Timer Clock

Rousis Systems offers a complete series of multifunctional outdoor electronic LED Sports Timers in 5 different height of digits from 15 to 68cm, to satisfy every need!

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  • Professional high accuracy timers
  • High brightness LEDs for operation in daylight
  • Real time, date and temperature indication (when the timer is off)
  • Operation by wireless RF remote or IR
  • Optionally Built-in rechargeable lead battery with autonomy 12-18 hours
  • Automatic brightness adjustment with integrated photosensor according to daylight
  • Free software for special operation through p.c.
  • Counter-down (stopwatch) and up-counter function
  • Built-in horn for the start, end and pause of the time
  • Stop - start function (freezing time)
  • Use as a time clock for emloyees' shifts (start-break-end of work)
  • Abilityof GPS clock synchronization
  • Aluminum housing beautifully designed
  • Very long readability distance
  • Long life time materials 
  • LED color options: red, green, yellow, blue and white
  • Available serial communication protocol for integrating timers on other systems
  • Warranty: 3 years


Suitable for:

sports stadiums, sports fields, gymnasiums, speed races, racing, swimming pools, competitions, timing intervals, sports events, special events, gyms (outdoor use as time/date/temperature indicator), fitness centers, health clubs, meeting rooms.