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Lane control 21 Led

Online registration for the lane markings. (LCS Lane Control Sign) outdoors. It has 2 preset signals, red "X"prohibitive and green down arrow to indicate that the lane is open.

The frame is made of aluminum with electrostatically painted external dimensions 33 X 32 X 11 mm.
Net amount of symbols is 19 cm. Suitable these dimensions for small distances or spaces.


  • High quality LED HP, high brightness likely to make signs visible even in difficult conditions, strong sun, fog, etc. Great color fidelity red LED high faithfulness and Pure Green. 
  • manufacturing capability and large funnels LED for quirky places like Parking etc. 
  • Handling simple with output cable to connect a simple switch selection signal 
  • Moreover RS485 serial output for connection to a computer or for connecting to telematics systems. 
  • Wireless connectivity RF 868MHz 
  • Robust construction suitable for outdoor aluminum profile acrylic lid and visual high resistance to ultraviolet radiation and large temperature changes.