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Led Cross Double color


New electronic LED pharmacies cross with unlimited abilities in lower price. It can display Video animations, graphics, variable messages, time clock, date, temperature with super bright LEDs in two different colors: blue and green. Ability of automatic brightness control of the LEDs thanks to the light sensor. In addition, thanks to calendar scheduling, you can automatically display the days your pharmacy is on duty. The display can be done easily and quickly with special switch which allows the function of the cross (display of time, date, temperature and other basic messages) even when the pharmacy is not open.

With the new economic cross you have a great range of options in your hands. You can display messages, impressive animations, time clock, date and also temperature. What makes the cross superior is the very low consumption; about 80W average.



  • Time, date, temperature and optionally humidity display
  • Display of video animations, graphics, various messages, time clock, date, temperature and other basic messages
  • Housing material of stainless steel and optic cover made of 3 mm acrylic sheet
  • Resistant construction designed for outdoor conditions
  • Internal control and protection from overheating
  • Capability of  displaying various calendar scheduling messages
  • Capability of informing about the on duty pharmacies
  • Long lifetime LEDs of high quality
  • Perfect brightness controlled by automatic incorporated sensor
  • Frame dimensions are 80 x 80 x 11cm.
  • Contains 320 LEDs per side and it is available single or double side.