Mix Led Sign

Mixed electronic signs are more complex constructions which consist of two main parts in one frame: electronic and bright.

In the bright part of the display you can choose the theme / logotype that will be printed in plain or in digital vinyl printing

The system features automatic photo-sensor that detects the external weather conditions (lighting) and adjusts LED brightness accordingly (low consumption).



  • A very useful display for outdoor conditions with 1-4 lines of text.
  • Excellent brightness with ~2000 mcd per LED
  • Operation: wireless keyboard or computer. 
  • Accompanied by a special Windows program. 
  • Calendar message programming
  • Long distance readability
  • Various message rotation effects
  • Capable of displaying timedate and temperature
  • Time-programming: choice of length duration display for each message.
  • Very low power consumption
  • Durable and stylish construction with overheating protection. 
  • External temperature sensor with cable for high precision temperature indication
  • Good operating guarantee: 2 years.