outdoor led sign 2 lines

Full matrix 2 line industrial type, high strength electronic LED displays entirely designed and manufactured by us! With selected materials of excellent quality that ensure a lifetime of more than 15 years (if 24/7). Industrial type electronic signs are suitable for special applications where the display of important information is required with reliability and stable performance. They combine high performance but low consumption, as they have a sensor for automatic brightness adjustment based on external conditions. These LED displays are used in applications such as:

- Industrial signage to display production and safety data.
- Public projects, road signs, traffic control, etc.
- parking control and management.
- Public transport, smart stops, passenger information etc.

The messages can be displayed in 2 lines of text or in one of double height (joining the 2 lines) for even better readability. The built-in light sensor and the automatic adjustment of the board's brightness guarantee the optimal display of messages throughout the 24 hours.

Special details:

  • Durable and stylish construction with overheating protection system.
  • Internal Flash storage memory 8 MB.
  • Ability to display text in 2 lines or 1 with double height.
  • External temperature sensor with cable for high accuracy temperature reading.
  • Ability to display time and date.
  • Excellent brightness and wide viewing angle with Oval LEDs 110X45º and 2500 mcd/LED.
  • Automatic brightness adjustment in relation to external conditions.
  • Communication interfaces: WiFi, Ethernet, Modbus RS485, RS232, RF 869 MHz
  • Serial communication protocol available for integration into PLC applications etc.
  • Possibility of calendar scheduling of messages.
  • Long readability distance.
  • Option of switch or sensor inputs to select default messages.
  • IoT ability to remotely manage messages over the internet.
  • Very low power consumption.
  • Good operation guarantee: 3 years.
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