Mini Queue System

Mini simple queue system with preprinted tickets (ticket rolls) and 4-digit LED Display with remote control.
Operating the mini queue system is easy and simple with the wireless remote control. At the touch of a button you call the next one and the LED sign blinks and at the same time the built-in horn sounds, increasing the number by 1. With the other keys you can decrease the number by 1 or increase by 10 if necessary, or reset it.

  • Bright LED digital display, dimensions 43.2 X 17.2 cm.remote 1
  • Adjustable brightness intensity.
  • Digits 10 cm high (for large or outdoor use there are also larger sizes).
  • Four-digit priority number.
  • Pre-printed ticket rolls and dispenser with easy roll change
  • Consumables (pre-printed ticket rolls) are available.
  • Wireless radio remote control with a range exceeding 100 meters.
  • Built-in Buzzer to alert the next client.
  • External power supply for powering the 12V low voltage LED sign
  • Ability to connect unlimited displays showing the same number in real time.
  • Ability to wirelessly connect between the signs, within 100 meters.