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Ρολόι θερμόμετρο LED + χρονόμετρο

Outdoor LED Digital Clock display - 15cm digit height, Outdoor LED Thermometer! Manufactured by our company with high quality materials that ensure accuracy and life time of more than 16 years (24 hours a day).

  • Dimensions: 63X27X11 cm.
  • Digit height 15 cm.
  • Maximum readability distance: 75 meters.
  • LED Color: Red.
  • 3 year warranty

Discounted price: 150 €

Special characteristics:

  • High precision timing for official events.
  • High brightness LEDs for good daylight viewing.
  • Indication of real time, date and temperature (when not timed).
  • Operated by RF or Infrared wireless remote control.
  • Free special software for computer operation.
  • Counter-down timer function with 2 preset times.
  • Up-counter timer function.
  • Stop - start function and special optional external button connection cable output.-
  • Ability to add GPS sync clock.
  • Long readability distance.