The Queue System In the battle against coronavirus


Our Company, following the latest news regarding the dangerous spread of coronavirus, feels obligated to take some necessary steps about the safer management of our Queue system, which already operates in many hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and diagnostic centers.

How can this happen; By taking advantage of modern technologies and internet, we are upgrading the prioroty management of our queue system by adding extra remote service capabilities.

Below you may see the extra advantages:

  • The patient can get a ticket with a serial number via cellphone or computer, referring, of course, the purpose of their visit, so that it can be forwarded to the correct department without wasting time and without having to be physically present in the waiting area.
  • When his turn comes, he will receive an SMS or e-mail, while at the same time he will be able to monitor the evolution of the priority queue on his mobile or PC.
  • If the patient has delayed, there will be no risk of losing his or her turn, as numbers and appointments are transfered by the system itself.
  • The patient will be able to close the scheduled visit even after several days using a special "making appointment" application, that is, without having to employ staff at the hospital or diagnostic center.
  • To avoid even the small crowding in the waiting rooms, the company already disposes outdoor LED signs so that patients can wait outside the store or hospital.

See complete description of the system here