traffic lights LED timer in box 200mm

RGB LED timer for traffic lights with diameter 20 cm. Is designed and produced entirely by our company. Actually it is a double-digit full color RGB LED timer and counts down until the green or red light comes on. The processor of the countdown display provides a system for automatic learning of the time that each lamp lasts, with the help of two high voltage monitoring inputs. The board can be easily installed and operate in any traffic light housing of diameter 20 cm, as it is powered directly by 220 Volts AC. The device has an RS485 Modbus interface for connection to PLC or other control systems. It also has a photo sensor for automatic adjustment of brightness depending on the external lighting conditions.

Traffic light rgb LED timer


  • Full colour display with RGB high brightness LEDs
  • On board photo resistor for automatic brightness adjustment
  • Self-learning or fixed time of countdown
  • Easy installation without extra wiring to connect with controller
  • Safety switch-off if red lamp signal is off
  • Easily mounted in traffic signal housings ø 200 mm
  • Displays the remaining time of the red and green main signal and optional of the orange
  • On board RS485 Modbus serial comunication for full controll by controller
  • Full function options with on board dip-switches


pcb led timer for traffic lights