smaρt appointment management system

The Online Appointment Scheduling Software " Smart Appointment " is an application based on a web environment, which automates the entire management of customer appointments of your business. It makes it easy for your customers to see when there are available hours in your store and make appointments on their own

  • without bothering you
  • without wasting their time

In addition, the "Smart Appointment" televised system effectively avoids overcrowding , ie the gathering of many people in waiting rooms. So

  • public health is protected
  • customers avoid unnecessary hassle.

See the application here in online demo
To enter the backend administrator use:
uesername: user
password: demouser


devices Responsible design & portability:
Absolutely flexible (responsible) design so that it is possible to use the application from mobile phones, tablets and computers wherever you or your customers are. You can see your appointments, your schedule , your customer data, their history and other information in a pleasant and practical environment. The application and the electronic appointment system are available on any device that has internet.

storage Cloud Mode & Data Security:
You don't have to worry about the system running properly, as our company supports and hosts the application on a secure server so you can dedicate yourself to the treating and serving of your customers. Also, you can integrate the online appointment booking application into your company's website .

peopleOrganizing categories and services:
Organize the teleconferencing system according to your services and their categories. Enter your schedule and the duration of each appointment. Later, move any appointments that need to be changed for some reason. Your customers will be informed about the progress of their appointment and the changes by email or SMS .

device_hubIntegration with the queue system:
Ability to integrate the electronic appointment system with our company's queue system.The customers who have made an appointment when they arrive at your store can see their priority number on the bright signs or screens before entering to recieve the provided service.

securitySecurity and certification of appointments:
The system has the ability to certify each registration, since each customer has registered either his personal email or his phone number. Your customers' personal data is completely protected according to communal guidelines.