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Ψηφιακός Τιμοκατάλογος Πίνακας LED


Electronic Indoor Digital LED Panel with 4 or 8 product prices, with a 4 digit price tag for each product. Price list figures are light, 7 segments type with 5.7 cm high LEDs so that they are readable up to 28 meters. Operation is done with a wireless controller or PC connection with our software. It is also possible to transmit and receive prices online for centralized management in chain stores.


  • Digital printing across the board with windows in bright numbers.
  • Indoor backlight capability.
  • Infrared remote control for changing prices.
  • Connection to PC and available software to handle it.
  • Direct WiFi connection to update prices from host.
  • Manufacture of plexi glass aluminum at the front.
  • ability to easily change the printing of product titles and logos.
  • Special accessories for easy wall mounting.
  • High quality materials for long life, over 10 years.
  • 3 years warranty.