Days Without Accident Display

Rousis Systems can provide you with a mixed electronic LED counter which displays the days that the factory is operating without an accident.

Thanks to this outdoor sign, which can also be placed inside the workplace, the factories display the "Days without Accident" to highlight the alignment of the industry with the Health and Safety standards. Secondly, viewing the number of industrial "accident free days" is an additional motivation to maintain and enhance workplace security for both staff and management.

System operation is so simple that the user not only resets the day counter whenever necessary, but can also intervene by changing / correcting the number as required.

Also, when the system is not counting days, it can operate as a time and temperature display.
If you select the 4-line electronic sign to display the days without accident, take advantage of all the features of a display (alternating messages, information, logos, advertisements) as well as the rotating day counter. In this case, the counter's operation and message processing are done with the same program.

You can order the "Days without Accident" display by simply chosing whichever of our electronic LED displays is appropriate for you and we will do all the required adjustments.


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