Wireless LED outdoor display for casino jackpot applications.

With aluminium frame and front plexiglass cover, a separate light section, printed with your design and logo. Can be located anywhere as it connects wirelessly with unlimited range (via GSM) to the data source. It has uniform illumination (day and night) and self-adjusts with the automatic photo-sensor which has been embedded. It can also be connected to a server for the simultaneous management of multiple inscriptions at the same time.

  • Available digit sizes: 15,18,21,24,32,38 and 68 cm height.
  • LED back light for the printed space.
  • High quality and density LEDs for best visibility against sunlight.
  • Automatic brightness adjustment (day-night) or manual setting.
  • Update the number of the display in real time wirelessly.
  • It can be connected to any casino system for automatic updating.
  • Unlimited range using the GPRS network.
  • 2 years Guaranty of Rousis Systems.
  • Manufactored in European Union with high quality materials.
  • Good and responsible technical support.