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Σύστημα Σειράς Προτεραιότητας


Product: Net Queue System  

A new integrated control system which operates as a Queue system and that can be used by a vast majority of services and shops.Furthermore, this system has the capability to control public traffic so as to serve each person in a timely fashion. Moreover, this queue system is suitable for civil services, hospitals,post offices and malls.This innovative system has been designed and manufactured by Rousis Systems:

  • Central display with voice notification which indicates the number being served.
  • Ticket dispenser with automatic thermal printer. Tickets are printed in sequence and orderly fashion.
  • Terminal display of 3 digits for the office or other service point.
  • Control dialing with small integarted display for each user at the point of service.
  • Central management unit system and optional connection to a computer for statistical purposes.

The queue system can be operated from one to several service points and even separate (categories) areas of service points. Each user can separately operate his controller.


  • The central system consists of: Three-digit and double-digit priority office(counters). Sound signal-loudspeaker. Dimensions 1010 (W) X 260 (H) X 75 (D) mm.
  • Terminal digit display for each counter(office).Digit height 2,3 inches.Dimensions (W) 207 X 140 (H) X 40 (D) mm.
  • System's connection with the computer.
  • Full statistics that are printable from the ticket printer even without the use of a computer.
  • Automatic ticket disposal with thermal printer. Additionally, the printer can print your own message or logo.
  • Operation system RS485 network security and connection to many terminals (counters).
  • Complete technical support and coverage by Rousis Systems.