RFID Reader


Complete multi-purpose RFID access control system. One or more RFID readers are connected wirelessly or wired with a central software management system (console).

The system is designed and manufactured by our company and can manage multiple RFID access control points in entrances with electric locks, automatic barrier gates and other machines such as automatic washers or fuel pumps. The RFID system manages an unlimited number of RFID tags (in the form of a keychain, card or bracelet) on multiple levels with different rights for each user. The RFID Control System can also be remotely managed and supervised.

The RFID reader device has a specific communication protocol and is available for connection to various other systems, while it may also be adapted to other known protocols e.g. Modbus, etc.

Technical features of RFID system

• Reading frequency: 125kHz
• Antenna: Built-in
• Good reading distance 50-90mm (depending on card)
• Power supply: 7 ~ 15 VDC
• Operating temperature: -20 ° C to + 60 ° C
• Communication-Connection: RS485, Ethernet, RF Wireless 868 MHz
• Network operation: up to 255 terminals.
• Data Security: CRC16
• Card format: EM 4100 or compatible
• Coding: Manchester 64-bit, module 64