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Queue System

A complete queue system entirely designed and manufactured from Rousis Company.
Suitable for services and stores where the control and the indication of the priority number to the public is required. E.g.; Banks, hospitals, post offices, public services, supermarkets etc. This system is designed by Rousis Systems and consists of the following parts:

Main Display indication service and sector Number with audible alarm.
Automatic Printing tickets thermal unit. The tickets are printed in order and when someone pulls one the next one is printed immediately.
Three digits Terminal display for the office or clinic or any other service point.
Call control with small display for each user at the operating point.
Central system’s management unit and optional connection to a computer for keeping statistics.

The Queue system can manage up to 32 service points to one or up to 16 categories. Each user can call separately from the specific controller with integrated display.


System’s parts

 Automatic ticket dispenser









Thermal ticket printer POS


Desktop call keypad

 Console queue1 th


Software call keypad

client software th

Central processor unit

Terminal Software1 th

Main central display LED 

CenteDisplayQueue th

1 Row Model

1 Rows Model

Terminal LED display

Rousis Queue Display sm

Terminal 4 digits LED display

SingleDisplayQueue th

Central TFT flat display

monitor tft th



See the schematic diagram of the system


For the installment of the Queue system the existing computers of the service can be used as long as they communicate with each other with the local network for the use of PC panels. For the special call keypads simple telephone cable is required (channel RS485) . The system is also available wireless.

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